Welcome to the industry’s largest indoor event in Finland.

Products and services from more than 200 businesses presented at indoor and outdoor stands.

In its first year, the MaatalousKonemessut agricultural machinery trade fair already became the largest agricultural indoor fair ever in Finland. At this fair, the most extensive selection of agricultural machinery, equipment and services in history can be found under one roof. The machines can also be tested and seen in action in Messukeskus’ large outdoor areas.


Mark the dates for the MaatalousKonemessut, 15–17 November 2018, in your calendar!


Featured at the trade fair:


More than 95% of agricultural machinery trade volume


Extensive selection of grassland, grain and cattle husbandry machinery and equipment

Forest industry

Forestry machinery, equipment and services


Animal feed, other cattle husbandry input and construction

Outdoor area

Outdoor area care and contracting machinery and equipment